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During the Covid 19 outbreak all sessions will be conducted through this portal. 

The Governor of Massachusetts has decreed that all insurance companies must cover telehealth care at this time to reduce the risk of disease transmission. 

During non-emergencies, clients who use private pay or whose insurance policy allows telehealth can replace some or all sessions with Telehealth sessions. Using this aproach allows me to offer services to clients who may have moved further away or are traveling as well as those who are having temporary health or transportation issues. 


I do not offer Telehealth services to people who are out of state, MA is the only state I hold a current license for and I can't legally work with people who are not in this state. .  

How to access telehealth

The website I use to provide Telehealth is called Doxy and it provides me with a private HIPPA compliant way to meet with client via computer. You will need a computer, private space and up to date browser to be able to use this service.

At your session time, click the blue button in  the box below. It is labeled "Enter waiting room". You will be asked your name and permission to use your camera. Please say yes to both. After that you will be in the waiting room. I will start the call at our appointment time. 

Old telephones in a row
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